about me

Hi There!

I’m Pam, the girl behind Pace of Mind. I’m a twenty-six year old friend, amateur cook, runner, and mother to my greyhound Marfa. I live in a cozy home in Lewisburg, PA but I left my heart in San Francisco one year ago. I relocated for a job with the Bucknell University Art Galleries, where I work in education & public programs. I’ve made it this far thanks to a whole lot of love from my friends and family.

I have a few favorite things: My rescue greyhound named Marfa, Whole Food gum drops, peanut butter, and banana beer. My mind works best while watching extensive episodes of The Office, especially those that detail the antics of Mr. Andy Bernard. I like peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, double cheeseburgers, running lots of miles, omelettes at 2am and Marfa, TX.

This blog is a continuation of sharing thoughts from my runs, struggles on and off the road, and the quest to conquer the kitchen! Follow me as I race and train in prep for the Pittsburgh Marathon. home


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