my journey

paceofmind is an ongoing exploration of how running has and continues to enrich the relationship I have with myself and the places I’ve come to live. Running re-entered my life after a two-year hiatus. A former collegiate athlete (truthfully, more known for my endurance during “40Hands” than out on the track) one afternoon I made a decision that I wanted to regain control of my life so I laced up my shoes. Years later I’m continually amazed at how running has given me peace of mind with each stride. No matter the workout in front of me… every mile is a memory; every stride a steady pace towards my future.

paceofmind was an idea originally developed while I was living in San Francisco, working for an all-female running company. Making a living through a hobby was a dream come true until a bigger dream, one that I poured years of schooling into, becoming a museum educator, outweighed my desire to live in the best city in the country. On February 5th I received the call I had been waiting for. I landed a job as the Operations Manager for Bucknell University’s TWO art galleries… a job that required I move 3,000 miles back east away from the life I worked so hard to build. The job has somehow taken a turn, dropping me right into the role of an education and public programs manager. Now, I’m learning the job I’ve always wanted, but it’s a lot on my shoulders being a one-woman department.

It wasn’t easy. Saying goodbye to loved ones was really difficult. Adjusting to a new lifestyle was a challenge too. I’ve been in Lewisburg one year this past February and more than ever I am thinking about my future. I might not have the friends I had in SF, or the views, or Matt, but the job has given me a lot. To me that makes it worth it. I love what I do and I’m so grateful to have come out of graduate school and land on my feet… but I wonder: What journey awaits me next?


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