east moves west & back again

Here’s the long and the short of it: I moved to San Francisco to pursue my Masters in Exhibition & Museum Studies. All I’ve wanted since I first met my mentor, Nancy Siegel, was to work in the museum profession. Her quirky sense of self, love of martinis and her way of speaking about the most abstract works of art that made you believe you “got it” spoke to me. So, I made those dreams happen. I graduated college, moved 3,000 miles away to the City by the Bay…

Within those three years I met two of my best friends Casey & Maggie; they are the kind of people you never lose touch with. Every time we speak we pick right up where we left off- we text daily and laugh often. I met Erin, my roommate for the last six months while I lived in the city- she was more than my roommate, we really clicked. She’s a yogi, a fighter, a rockstar and I miss her spirit dearly. I fell in love with the most wonderful man I could never find, Matt. Although the distance is challenging I’m reminded everyday why we are a perfect fit for each other. Distance is never easy but somehow with him we smile and know it’s worth it. I met players in the art world, I read theory, I challenged myself… and I ran.

Running was my deepest connection to San Francisco. It was my map to discover new neighborhoods, new parks, new sights. Had I never moved to SF I don’t know if I would have reconnected with running the way that I have. In college I was a track & field/XC runner but after you graduate, part of that dies a little. SF brought me back.

After graduation I made a living working for a women’s running company- a hobby turned way-of-life. It seemed perfect; I got to try new gear and write about it, I had a connection to female runners empowered by the sport, I was able to train and work and somehow the two seemed like one. I had the perfect apartment, perfect roommate, perfect boyfriend… you get the idea… except it wasn’t really the perfect job. Before the close of 2011 my best friends from college/running buddies, Meghan & Laura, decided to make 12 Goals In 2012 rather than New Years Resolutions. They invited me to participate and blog about it on their cooking site, The Spatularettes. That’s when the thinking began…

I realized I was so educated and driven to be a curator, but here I was not pursuing any of it. I became determined to “fix things” and built my career at 25 rather than 40. On February 5, 2012 I got the call that changed my life- I landed my dream job at Bucknell University. I now work under our fantastic Director (who moved from his previous job as Head Curator of New Media at UC Berkeley, another kindred SF spirit) as the Operations Manager. I know, it’s a title that doesn’t describe at all what I do, but know that it entails everything I love. I curate, I handle art, I install exhibitions, I manage a group of fantastic museum professionals and I wake up everyday excited to go to work.

This perfect job has taken me away from many perfect things: I now live in rural PA, cows give birth on Amish farms that line the trails I love to run, I miss my boyfriend, I have my own HOUSE yet I miss sharing a 2 bedroom apartment and hearing cable cars running along the streets. I don’t regret my decision to move, not one minute of any day, but I do miss these perfect SF things.

Once again, moving has boosted my level of running and I find myself in the best shape of my life. I’m currently training for the Philadelphia Marathon on November 18th and so I thought now is the time to really blog again. I want to share my life in Lewisburg, my work, my running, my recipes, my memories of SF, my everything. If for nothing else, it’s a way to connect these two important parts of my life, like an old friend meeting a new.

Here’s to the journey ahead…

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