meet lewisburg

Lewisburg has its charms… a lot of them actually. It’s hard to image at times because on a map I live in a town that could be glanced over as a pretzel crumb. But Lewisburg is known as the cultural hub by neighboring regions. There’s about 6,000 people here. I’m 2.5 hours from Philly, NYC, my home in NJ and Baltimore making it possible to visit friends I couldn’t when living in SF (that’s one perk!) There’s also the cultural central-ness that’s nice. I can take day/weekend trips to review opening exhibitions, get my fill of ethic foods, etc.

Lewisburg lamps lining Market Street

One of the best things about Lewisburg has to be the local, organic farming. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s clear here that there’s two camps; those that enjoy fast food row out on highway 15 and those that take advantage of the farms literally one mile away. I attend the farmers market on Wednesday on my way home from morning run and stop in at Ard’s Farm for all natural peanut butter, homemade jams and bulk grains. It’s encouraged me to dive into very clean eating (although admittedly we have the best ice cream stand in the county, The Freeze and Amish pies are YUM).

Glimpse at some of my organic options!

What we have in local and organic Americana, we lack in ethic food. Don’t get me wrong, Lewisburg has mastered traditional American cooking, but there’s no Italian, no Mexican… anywhere. There is a Thai truck that comes to a park on Friday afternoons and a smaller Thai shop on Market Street. A sushi bar just opened last month, surprisingly enough it is AWESOME, but that about does it. I eat out once a week after my Sunday long runs… I usually opt for the Lewisburg Hotel. Best food in town, homemade goodness and local Kraft beers. The hotel itself has been there since 1843. Famous musical acts coming off shows in NYC stay here and other celebs (even my Doppleganger Tony Hawk!). Tina Fey was the last big name sighting after a comedy gig two years ago.

Taken the day I signed the lease in February

I live in a house right on Market Street; like in SF, Market is the central road connecting the town. Market is lined with these iconic green street lamps. I’ve since learned that Walt Disney based the lamps at Disney World off of these! I live about 4 blocks from Bucknell so my commute to work in the morning is a short walk.

Half a mile from my front door is my favorite running spot, Rails 2 Trails. Its 18 miles out and back, a convenient place for mindless morning runs. I pass farms and cows literally line the wooden fences grazing. I can see rolling hills of green for miles- a kind of beauty I didn’t get in SF.

For now, I’ll leave my “Lewisburg at a glance” to that 🙂 As always, more to come…

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