surprise reminders

Blogging is fairly new to me; well I should rephrase and say starting a blog and sticking to it is new for me. Last night in attempt to reconnect with the WordPress community I spent some time looking at blogs related to a variety of topics that interested me: cooking, running, art + architecture, etc.

I stumbled onto this online art journal, Anarty, a collection of images highlighting relevant national and international artists. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it… but this post focused on the works of Dutch artist Levi van Veluw. The blogger posted specifically on his Landscape series.

Levi van Veluw, Landscape III


What shocked me was that here I was reading about this guy’s interest and excitement over van Veluw’s work, yet he knows it only from a computer monitor. Me on the other hand, I actually HELD the third work from this landscape series in my hands three weeks ago. van Veluw’s Landscape III is a part of our fall exhibition “Dusk to Dusk” currently on view at the Samek Art Gallery. Just on the other side of my office wall this exact piece hangs on nails I hung, according to measurements I took, in a place where our Director asked for my opinion during layout. It seems so small, yet to me this gave me such excitement. To a blogger this man’s work was eye catching enough to post about it and I have the opportunity to handle it, actually sit with it each day at work.

It was a small moment, but meant big things for me personally. The Art Galleries at Bucknell might not be the white cube of Chelsea or LA, but our curator had the eye to know that this artist, among others in the show, have the relevance and power to shine even in Lewisburg. Folks make the trip from New York City or DC to see our shows, and this was a taste of why. Topics/artists that are blog worthy make it through our doors; we can compete with big name galleries and I get to be a part of that.

I commented to the blogger and his response among other things was, “How cool is your job?!” I sat and smiled for a minute or two… Moments like this I really realize, yea it is…

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