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I’m wrapping up work for the week and hitting the road to Philiadelphia for the weekend. I’ll be running the Philly Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon this Sunday with Meghan. This race fit nicely into both of our marathon training plans, and will be the second Rock n’ Roll event we participate in; Las Vegas was our first… it will be a tough experience to beat 😀

Before I close out for the day I wanted to share and encourage you all to participate in Ask A Curator Day on 9/19. The event comes from a concept developed by Museum Marketing Specialist, Jim Richardson, who I had the privilege of emailing with over the past few days. After seeing how social networking and the “hash-tag-tren snowballed several years ago, he encouraged museums to tweet things like #followamuseum in effort boost the Arts footprint among a site generally geared towards the celebrity and display.

#askacurator expanded greatly this year and will relaunch on 9/19 (next Wednesday!) This one-day event is simple: Tweet to your favorite participating museum with #askacurator and passionate supporters of the arts, sciences and history will respond to the things that interest YOU. When I caught wind of this, I thought it was the perfect opportunity for the Art Galleries at Bucknell to gain a stronger national and international following, especially on our Twitter site @BucknellGallery. Our Director, Richard Rinehart was previously the Curator of New Media Arts at the University of California Berkeley, and so I pitched him the idea of joining the Twitter conversation. The Art Galleries at Bucknell University are listed among the hundreds of participating museum world-wide. What makes this even more special is that we, as a smaller institution, get to join the “top dogs” and partake in a global discussion surrounding the Arts.

I encourage you all to start following the Galleries our Facebook and Twitter sites and visit our website. Alrighty folks, time to pack my shoes and prep for 13.1! Happy weekend…

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