we rocked & rolled… philly style!

This weekend I was in the city of Brotherly Love to visit my bestest friend, Meghan and to run the Rock n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon. When I was living in SF, we made a pact to start doing “destination races.” We ran the RnR Vegas Half together, so it was only natural that we continued to “rock” in her home city of Philadelphia.Meghan posted Race Day Through Instagrams to document the weekend 🙂

Around mile 9!

I had serious post-weekend depression following our exciting weekend. Visiting with Meg is always so fantastic… I always know that I’ll leave feeling stronger physically (from our runs together) and mentally (from our late night chats on the ‘ton) than when I came. She’s just a real inspiring person; the best runner I know, dedicated to her faith, her passion for cooking… and gossip 🙂 Even though the weekend was about running and racing, I always feel like we renew our friendship when we compete together.

I’m knee-deep in my training for the full in November, so this 13.1 fit right in with my training schedule. Meghan and I had 15 miles to hit for the day, so we added in some warm-up & cool-down miles to round out our week of training. The race went really well and the conditions were perfect. Meghan was in Corale #2, I was in #3. It was pretty exciting to be honest to start only five minutes after the elite runners went off. There were 21 waves total, so the fact that our times got us into the second and third groups was a pretty awesome feeling.

The race started near the Barnes Foundation- art + running 🙂

I went out too fast, first mile was just under 8 minutes… nice if I was trying to PR, bad since I was using this race to test my marathon pace. As usual it took me until mile 4 to really settle into a rhythm but by mile 7, I felt great. I finished around 1:51… which normally would be disappointing to me, but I actually felt really good about the race. I was happy I didn’t push my pace to get in around my usual 1:47 mark, instead I just wanted to keep it consistent, keep my legs moving the way I’d need them in November. Meghan ROCKED IT and PRed with a new time of 1:32:16!!

Post race dessert courtesy of Meghan’s roommate, Jess

Right now I’m in the first of two most difficult points in my training cycles. It has been a really long two weeks… my body now is starting to feel fatigued and training mileage is picking up. Since the two of us share the love of running, food and blogging, she and I spent our off hours this weekend cooking up yummy pre-race dinners, fall cookie desserts and more. To check them out visit the Spatulerattes!

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