vermont with love

I spent the weekend in Pittsfield, Vermont celebrating the wedding of two of Matt’s dear friends. I felt very lucky to have been a part of the weekend and included with him and his friends. Pittsfield is a charming, small town near Killington. The entire vibe of the weekend was rustic and easy-going. It was the perfect fit for Matt’s friends and the best place I could have met them. They were all so lovely and inviting, I couldn’t help but feel as if they were my lifelong friends as they were Matt’s. It feels so wonderful to be reuntied with him, even if it only is for a week. Each had their own personalities; gathered around a small camp fire roasting s’mores. I looked across the field to the small patches of friends gathering here and there and I couldn’t help but think how lucky I was to have been welcomed into a group with such warm smiles and open hearts. 

Even though the weekend was about celebrating, I still had to get my long run in during the weekend. So, I took to highway 100 North and took in all of the sights… 16 miles of sights to be exact. The air did me well; I felt like a million bucks (well, as much like a million as you could after running 16 miles) but the views were perfect. I thought a lot about life during the run; where I’ll end up next, what my future has in store for me and how much of my future would be determined by luck. So often my runs take radically different paths all because of a random turn-off, a sudden change in direction…

It got me thinking ahead to November. I’m officially half way through my marathon training for Philadelphia. My body is getting beaten up, stronger, faster and beat up some more. I kept focus that entire run just thinking ahead to the challenges that lay in front of me. What direction will I take on race day? What direction will I steer towards to achieve this major goal that sometimes seems so impossible?

After my run I headed to a small General Store. I had gone in the evening before after my drive into town. I’m not a huge sandwich person, but I’d re-drive those 7 hours for that sandwich! Cucumber, sprouts, spicy mustard, organic turkey… man-o-man it was the meal I needed post run, pre champagne 🙂

And so Sunday morning came and our brunch of pancakes and Vermont maple syrup went. I gave hugs to those new faces I spent a wonderful weekend with and Matt and I packed the car as we prepared to head back to Lewisburg. What will lay ahead for us this week… what exciting directions will we take…

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