fair fun

Double-fisting beers at Oktoberfest: German Tourist Club, SF 2011

I’ve been spoiled for the past 2 weeks. Matt has been in Lewisburg visiting since our trip to Vermont. He boarded a plane back to San Francisco yesterday and I already feel different. We spend so much time a part but the moment we reconnect it feels like nothing has changed. That’s probably the best thing about Matt- he has this way of pulling me out of my comfort zone and making me laugh… making me enjoy myself and not always take things quite so seriously. I can be a tough cookie, but Matt brings out the more easy-going Pam.

Double-fisting fish: Bloomsburg Fair, PA 2012

After taking in the sights of Pittsfield, VT Matt and I celebrated Fall with a trip to the Bloomsburg Fair and pumpkins. I wasn’t very skillfull at any of the games, but Matt went 2 for 2 at the fish stand 🙂

We stopped in to visit the goats, ox, horses and even caught the tail end (no pun intended) of a cow judging. The culture around Lewisburg is such a trip- we both really enjoyed ourselves, but definely caught ourselves a few times thinking, “we must stick out like sore thumbs here!” Going to the fair on Saturday before joining some friends at a cookout/bonfire reminded me a lot of our days together in San Francsico. The weekends were ours; Matt always picked some fun event around the city and we’d spend our Saturday doing something totally off the grid. About one year ago to the day him and I were at the German Tourist Club outside of SF celebrating Oktoberfest. It was one of the first times I caught myself thinking, “I could really be with this guy.” We laughed so much (we also drank so much) and going to the fair reminded me of how we used to spend our weekends.

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