proverb 15:15

Every day is a terrible day for a miserable person, but a cheerful heart has a continual feast.

I’m not one for spirituality or faith. I rarely pray, if ever. No particular reason, it just hasn’t found a place in my life like it has for others. But every now and again I’ll find a proverb translation that I realize might be interpreted differently than its direct writing, but it speaks to me or how I’m feeling at the moment.

With Matt gone now and not knowing for sure when we will see one another again, I’ve returned to a slightly more lonely mood; feeling like I need a someone to keep me company and distract me from the negativity that creeps in (hence my current mission of dog adoption). But when I read this, it is a reminder to stay positive and cheerful nonetheless. Matt has chosen a life on the west coast, and while it’s not ideal, positively tells me to be grateful that I have him still in my life with me 3,000 miles away. And, while I am lonely, be happy knowing soon I’ll be on vacation with my family… no work email or cell phones. Just me and a beach to run on.

Keep my wheels of cheerful thoughts turning and I will move further and further away from the self-doubt I allow to hang over me daily.

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