time to adopt!

I’ve been struggling a lot lately; feeling lonely, feeling like my house is so empty… and quiet! I suppose I was spoiled having Matt here for almost two weeks, having someone to keep me moving and filling my calendar with plans. It felt so nice to wake up every morning to run through the fog and log my miles, come home to have my coffee with an actual human, off to work by 9am and coming home at 5pm to talk about nothing work related and make plans for the night. Life felt for that short time, well, normal.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been so sick this week but that on top of having an empty house again has me out of balance. I just miss having someone to take care of… someone to take care of me. Running is my life, but I can only run so much in a day. Work is fantastic but I’m constantly reminded by folks at the UNiversity older than me “this can’t be the only thing in your life, Pam.” I miss having someone else’s energy to keep me positive. So… drum roll please…

TIME TO ADOPT A DOG! I found a wonderful adoption agency in Selinsgrove, PA that rescues ex-Greyhound racers. The woman is bringing by Flashy  tomorrow night for me to meet. The only obstacle is my landlord. Dogs aren’t “ideal” for her .  Most renters around here prefer you not bring an animal into the house to keep the old, historic integrity of Lewisburg homes in tact. My neighbor has a dog in her home (also owned by my landlord), so I’m hopeful.

Keep your fingers crossed for me (and Flashy).

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