new roommate

Fall in Lewisburg is BEAUTIFUL! Now that I’ve left behind the 100+ degree heat in Aruba,  my scarves, vests and long running pants are out and in full rotation. The most perfect thing to accompany the fall leaves and long walks along the Rails to Trail is… this greyhound girl!!

Her race name was Iowa Flash, Flashy for short, but now that she has a home in Lewisburg she needs a fresh start… and name. I’ve narrowed down some thoughts on what to call her, but I’d love some suggestions from you folks! Vote for a name suggested by my friends and family or recommend one of your own! I need to decide soon so she doesn’t think I have split personalities calling her different things 🙂

1) Marfa   2) Mifflin   3) Murray    4) Perry    5) Abby

2 thoughts on “new roommate

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