a menu for pre-22

Last night I needed the perfect pre-long run meal to get me ready for the 22 mile run I had this morning. Normally, I leave protein packed meals for after my long run, to help with muscle recovery, but my mom sent me home from NJ this weekend with her amazing spicy,homemade Italian sausages, meatballs and gravy. YUM!

I decided to simmer two of the sausages in gravy with kale, red pepper, onion and 1/4 cup of gluten free pasta. Gluten free pastas are perfect for nights like last; they taste just like wheat pastas do, except you don’t have any of that “I’m so full of carbs I burst my jeans” feeling later. And, after loading my pan with kale, you really don’t need too much pasta. I wish I snapped a better picture and one with the pasta added but I was so hungry I forgot!

A pre-long run meal wouldn’t be complete without satisfying my sweet tooth. I’ve learned from my running guru/Spatularette/BFF Meghan that getting in your sweet fix makes the legs work better (seriously, we have proven this time and time again haha). Rather than reaching for processed Halloween candy I realized I still had a hugeeeee bag of apples in my fridge. I visited my friends at The Spatularettes and found the perfect recipe- Apple Crumb Bars! double YUM!

I tweaked the recipe a bit, quite the risk since I haven’t made these before but they turned out delish!!! Follow Meg’s recipe as is or you can swap out some ingredients to follow my changes:

– I substituted agave nectar instead of the brown sugar (2/3 cup for every 1 cup brown sugar). I also substituted two personal sized containers of UNsweeted apple sauce instead of butter

– I didn’t have brandy or appropriate alcohol in my house so as Meg suggests, I used a squeeze of lemon juice

– I omitted the glaze

Meghan’s finished product defiently takes the cake on the appearance scale 🙂 (hey, it’s tough getting that first one out the of pan haha) but man, these sure do taste yummy and my house still smells like it did when these came out of the oven! Keep checking in with the The Spatularettes! They have been on a roll with yummy treats and recipes packed with ingredients that fuel!

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