Power Foods Friday- Pumpkin Energy Bites

Today is Meghan’s last Power Foods Friday before her big run at the Marine Corps Marathon! I’m re-blogging this PERFECT energy on-the-run snack because it’s just the kind of thing I’ll need to pack next week as an office quick-bite to get me through our 3 day residence with musician, Rob Schwimmer. The gallery is jam packed with events this weekend for Bucknell Homecoming and even more the next week for gallery programming. I need to be on my toes all day, so after getting my runs in early in the morning, I can’t shut down mid-day! I’ll be making a batch of these Pumpkin Energy Bites on Sunday afternoon and report back on how I made out!

Now back to Meg… she’s aiming to PR with a time of 3:25 at Marine Corps. I can’t wait to get my long run out of the way on Saturday, so that I can wake up early Sunday morning, take the dog for a walk as the sun comes up, then head to Dunkin for my weekly hazelnut coffee 🙂 I fully plan on snuggling back up in my pjs in front of the TV to watch the race and have my laptop open to track Meghan’s bib number every step of the way. There will be cheers, yells and fist pumps the whole way through!

Despite the sudden pop-up of a hurricane Sandy warning the DC area that day, I’m sending her lots of hugs, positive thinking and luck. Hopefully the storm holds off until Sunday evening, giving her the chance to avoid those 22 mph winds and rain. She’s the strongest runner I know and I have all the confidence in the world in her. She inspires me to lace up every morning and without her I couldn’t be fulfilling me goals in the approaching Philly Marathon. I know Meghan has been training so hard and has improved her fitness so much over the past year… Sunday she’ll finally get to set the stage and show how much hard work really pays off.


The Scoop:

I seriously cannot believe this is the last Power Foods Friday before my marathon. Whaaaaaaat?  It seems like I just started talking about this race, and here I am, two days away from it!  I feel like the Power Food Fridays have been an important piece of the training puzzle, forcing me to focus on runner-specific nutrition each week, something I’ve often neglected in the past.  I wanted to keep the momentum going with a power food recipe that would be the perfect cap to my months of training.  Since I’ll be on the go all weekend, I knew I wanted to make something portable, and after scouring my favorite food blogs, I found the perfect recipe for Pumpkin Energy Bites.  They are chock full of good-for-you ingredients and not loaded down with fat and sugar like the store bought energy bars.  These bites are quick to make…

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