the end of “eat, sleep, run”

Well, it was a packed week at work. Lots of events and late night hours. I had work Friday night and Saturday afternoon for gallery related events AND get my last 20 mile run in of marathon training. I worked until midnight on Friday but I pushed myself to get up early and log my miles Saturday morning before our event. The conditions were perfect… cool, t-shirt and shorts weather, slight chill and beautiful fall folliage. I decided to take a new adventure and scope out the farm roads outside of Lewisburg. Well, the sights were so peaceful, so breath taking that I zoned out and got totally lost. There was nothing but rolling hills for miles- not exactly the kind of thing you want to encounter on a 20 mile run!! I ended up stopping at a small Amish farm and speaking with a elderly woman. She was weary of me first, showing skin and being unfamiliar, but as I explained that I was out for a run and got lost she smiled and asked me if I wanted a ride back to Lewisburg… IN THEIR BUGGY! It was quite comical but I knew I needed to run the remaining 7 miles home. My legs felt super strong and I was really pleased that despite the workout being 80% hills, I was consistent the whole way through the run. I finished the 20 at my front door and thought, “I could easily get another 2 or 3 in.” I didn’t for the sake of making my work event, but I had a really good feeling putting my sneakers away that morning.

Finishing that last 20 miler is the official end to the three week cycle “eat, sleep, run.” Tapering begins on Monday and it’s smooth sailing from now until November 18th. The bulk of my training is done and now it’s time to listen to my body, log my required miles and stay healthy and focused until race day!

photo by 75Studios

Saturday evening my boss was hosting a Halloween party. If you know me, I HATE halloween parties, especially ones that require dressing up, but Rick and Sahn are great hosts and I knew I had to go and see what everyone was dressed as. I was, surprise… a runner 🙂 It was a great night and after the week we’ve all had it was perfect timing to kick back with a beer and NOT talk work! Sanh snapped some great shots that night, including some of the gallery staff that was there. Check out our Director, myself, and our two Graduate Assistants (right) and GA of Theatre/Costume Design Nicole as artist Frida Kahlo.

photo by 75Studios

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