my best friend is faster than yours

Sunday was exactly what I was hoping for- I woke up before sunrise and took the dog for a nice long walk before the rain hit. I got my Dunkin and settled back into bed with her by my side to track Meghan’s run at MCM. I was holding my breath because of hurricane Sandy, knowing that Meg was totally capable of PRing with a time sub 3:25, but with the conditions not looking great, I was afraid she’d have to scale it back a bit and go for the PR in Philly.

Laura and I anxiously texted through the entire race, checking every split and commenting on how consistant (and fast) Meghan was running. We knew she could do it… and she did. Meg shattered her PR/goal time and finished with a chip time of 03:21:10. What a day, what an accomplishment! I couldn’t be more proud of her and in complete awe of her! 7:40 pace consistently for the entire race. Strong and steady all the way through. I can’t wait to have her next to me in Philly and I hope her marathon running mojo rubs off on me 🙂

In her honor, after logging the last 3 miles of the week, I made the Pumpkin Energy Bites she blogged about last week. They are super yummy and the perfect snack to pack for this week at work. It was a quick and easy recipe for a Sunday evening and I stored them in the fridge over night so they will be ready for me to pack with Monday’s lunch. It’s a simple no-bake recipe and one that will definelty be on my menu regularly!

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