bring on the taper!

This week kicked off taper time! No more 20+ mile runs, just smooth sailing from here until marathon day (15 days and counting)! This weekend was a mild 13, but to be honest, I’m totally BORED of all my usual routes. I needed a change and even considered driving to State College and running around town. I was scoping out races for the winter to keep me in this kind of shape and instead I came across “Laps of Reason” a very untraditional race in Danville, planned for this weekend. I signed up mainly because it seemed so different.

Here’s the idea: rather than intimidating people with a set mileage race like a 10k ot half marathon, the Laps of Reason race coordinators decided to cut out the distance and let runners decide their mileage. They felt like more folks would be open to coming out and racing if they set the conditions- cool right?

The course was a trail run, a 2.5 loop through the woods. We gathered at the start with a clock set for 3:00:00. At the gun, the clock started counting down. Each time runners competed a loop they were given a bracelet. You could stop at any time, even stop…stretch…go the bathroom…and the restart! The main goal was to encourage people to run at their pace for whatever distance they felt comfortable with.

I ended up running 15 miles to finish out the last loop. Down at the pavilion where finishers were gathered around food and prizes, we were given our metals. These were, like the race, awesome- yet untraditional. Laps of Reasons gave us all carabineers and threaded each of our bracelets through the key ring. The carabineer was attached to a ribbon for us all to wear proudly! I was most excited about finishing first in my age group and walking away with a silver bracelet, donated from a Danville jeweler.

All in all it was the perfect “race” day. 2 more week till go time!

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