pop tarts get a makeover

Last week I posted on some food blogs I frequently check out. 100 Days of Real Food is responsible for this Saturday night’s kitchen break-though… POP TARTS. I know what your thinking, “how is that healthy?” but they can be! By eliminating all that processed sugar and empty calories (regular Pop-Tarts are a whopping 200 calories PER pastry… YIKES). Yes there’s butter, yes there’s sugar from the homemade jam, but I’d rather be putting that in my body than things I can’t pronounce 🙂 So I followed this recipe step-by-step. No substitutions and for someone who is definitely not confident in my baking skills, this was a foolproof recipe that you can find here.

This is big week for nutrition with marathon day just 8 days away. I headed to the store today and planned out my meals for the week. I need to keep things balanced and hit all my food groups like usual, but keep in mind I have a verryyyyy long run on my horizon. This recipe and recent blogs on food production/food blogs comes at the perfect time. This week at work, artist Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung and Jessie Horning will be unveiling an installation on processed food and the “food of our future.” I’ll be sure and take pictures and report back… it will be a good reminder of all the processed junk I want to keep out of my system before race day! One thing I cannot keep out of my daily diet is the “sweeties” which is why this week I went with a dessert-ty snack. These are PERFECT for my post-dinner sweet tooth.

I have one week to go until I head to coral 3 and hit the start at the 2012 Philadelphia Marathon. A lot of emotions are running though my head… I’ll save those for another post. Tomorrow morning is my last “long run” of training- 9 miles. At this point that seems like nothing. Taper week has been really nice on my legs. They are definitely feeling rested and it’s showing on my watch. Each run this week I’m at 15-20 seconds faster than race pace. Tomorrow I’ll pull the reigns a bit and just log the miles and stay within my goal times. I can’t believe I started this training process back in August and here I am a week out.

Until I cross the finish line in Philly, I’m keeping the alcohol out of my diet… so I clinked my champy flute with milk and toasted to 15 successful, challenging, complete weeks of  training.

This last one is for Matt who will be flying in from San Francisco to catch the race! We’ll get a full visit out of it between time in Lewisburg, Philly and finally joining his family in Boston for Thanksgiving. Matt, I can’t wait for you get here… my heart melts sour cherry jam for you, HA 😉

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