As we prepare for Thanksgiving, a time of family, food, and friendship Meghan’s latest Spatularettes post summaries how running has fostered community and unity within our group of friends. Enjoy this recipe that helped ALL of us fuel for last Sunday’s marathon. And, if you’ll be dining with a vegetarian this Thanksgiving here’s a winning recipe to add to the menu!


The Scoop:

If you’ve been following The Spatularettes over the past month, it won’t  exactly come as a shock when I say much of my time has been dominated by my recent marathon endeavors.  I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in October and the Philadelphia Marathon this past Sunday.  The thing I’ve always loved about running, particularly marathoning, is the way it brings people together.  I’ve traveled thousands of miles to race with a friend, I’ve developed deep bonds with strangers while  running the streets of a new city, and  I’ve watched as my new “workout buddy” turned into my actual friend.  Truthfully, the roots of most of my friendships, somehow trace back to running.

You know that old saying that weddings and funerals are the two things that bring people together?  Thankfully the good Lord has been gracious to my group of friends, so  the two things that have…

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