so the race is over

and so is the Thanksgiving holiday… talk about depressing! In effort to forget the fact that I still have a few weeks of hard work in front of me until Christmas and New Year festivities begin, I’m taking a trip down memory lane of the past week and a half…

What do you do after you’ve run a marathon? Well I admit I danced around in my medal one night… had Marfa try it on another… I ate sushi in my pjs and drank Japanese beer from San Francisco. But then reality set it-  I don’t have a “plan” anymore. I don’t have to get up and run 5 miles… I don’t have to reserve the first three hours of my weekend for long runs. I have all this free time now and the grace period of body recovery has me antsy. Sure I rested for two or three days, but by Thanksgiving morning I headed out for my first 6 miler post-race. I mixed in some light jogging and playing and walking with the dog… you know, things that would keep me active while my body got ready to run again. I am in the best shape of my life right now and I don’t want to lose that, but I also don’t want to force myself back into running and make it a chore. So, I really took this last week and a half to run when I wanted, however far I wanted… to eat what I wanted and to stay on my feet. I figured the itch to run would come naturally. As I thought… I’m itching to train again. So now I begin to research races and pick my Spring 2013 schedule. There are so many great sounding half and full marathons that I’m not sure which I want to commit to. Suggestions?? 

I spent this Thanksgiving with Matt and his family in Boston. I get happy just replaying those few days. It was so nice to be with his family for the holiday even though I missed my own. But what I got the most joy from, was seeing Matt in Boston. He’s a happy-go-lucky guy by nature, but something about him in Boston, the place where he grew up with his friends, seemed to lighten his load. He just seemed at home and at ease.. We took Marfa off leash in a baseball field- WOW CAN SHE FLY!!! I can see why she used to race. We strolled the streets of Beacon Hill (and spotted John Krasinski from the Office). We walked, we talked, we smiled, we laughed. It felt like we met all over again… it felt like I fell in love with him all over again.

And now, I’m back in Lewisburg and the streets are already filled of snow. Marfa took her first walk in the cold powder this morning and I already fell down a flight of stairs 🙂 A trip to the ER, some stitches and a concussion later… I’m home laying on my floor with a heating pad. Feels good to be back home but I’m already missing these past few weeks. I experienced such highs and felt so much love from family and freinds. It’s a tough realization to know it’s time to buckle down and get back to work. 

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