critical information conference, 2012

This weekend I drove to New York for the Critical Information Conference, 2012 presented by the NY School of Visual Arts. I presented my masters thesis, “Labors of Language: Crafting the Revival of Medium in Contemporary Art.” The keynote speaker at the event was Art Historian and Critic, Claire Bishop.

It was really an honor to have presented on a panel with other scholars. It was a moment of validation to have my research selected from a qualified pool of applicants. What was even better, was sharing in this special academic moment with my family. Having presented my thesis project originally in San Francisco back in 2011 a week before graduation, my family wasn’t able to participate. Looking up and seeing them all there today, even Melia, really made the weekend special.

Screen shot 2012-12-02 at 10.19.44 PMHaving something of mine published has always been a dream. It feels only appropriate that my first contribution to the “scholarly world” be a project I poured a year of my life into.

I received some equally AMAZING news on Friday… I was asked to contribute an essay to the American Alliance of Museums book “Feeding the Spirit”. This book is a collection of research, symposia, and contributions first started by AAM’s Center for the Future of Museums Director, Elizabeth Merritt. After reading about the Samek Art Gallery’s event “Excito! Excito” : A Veritable Feast Elizabeth reached out to me expressing interest in this installation. I was honored to hear that this public program was the “missing link” in the research she had done. Before “Feeding the Spirit” currently on E-Book goes to their publisher, there is time for me to submit an essay. Dare I say it, but yes, I will be published by AAM… the very site that I’ve read for years, the site that helped me find me my current job on their job listing boards, the very site that keeps me educated and informed about the art community. And now I will be contributing a piece on food policy in art museums.

2 pieces published in one month. Surreal… awesome…. amazing.

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