spring 2013 race preview

OK! Concussion is gone, well at least I hope it is! Headaches are still coming and going but Advil is doin’ the trick. Elbow is back on track, stitches have just about dissolved, and the conference is behind me. My running took a pause last week because of my injury, so I’m officially going NUTS having gone 6 whole days without a run- AH!

All the time off has given me the chance to lay out some Spring 2013 race plans. Here’s a start, beginning with Lewisburg’s own Running of the Elves this coming Saturday. Afterwards, Marfa and I are headed to the local Pet Smart for our holiday photos with Santa 🙂 Got a fresh pair of the new Asics 2100s for my birthday and they are ready for some mileage!

Running of the Elves 5k, Lewisburg, PA– December 8, 2013 (25:00, 3rd in AG)

Marathon Training Begins: January 21st

NYYR ½ Marathon, NYC: January 27, 2013 (snowed out)

Frosty 5k, Lewisburg, PA– February 2, 2013 (22:58, 13th female/46 overall, 3rd in AG)

½ Marathon, Rock n Roll: DC– March 16, 2013

Full Marathon, Pittsburg: PA- May 5, 2013

½  Marathon Midtown Race Series, Raleigh, NC: June 1, 2013

River 2 Sea 92 Mile Relay w/ Team Human, Milford to Manasquan, NJ: August 3, 2013

½ Marathon, Rock n’ Roll: Las Vegas- November 17, 2013 (Happy 27th Birthday, to me!)

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