IMG_2351In all the marathon, birthday, and Matt visit excitement I’m long overdue to share the tale of “Birthday Week.” I always heard stories of working with people and while 99% of them drive you mad, one or two of them actually become your friend- People you text, become Facebook friends with, even, dare I say it… get drunk/dine out with! Truthfully, I like to keep work and my professional life seperate. So, when I moved to Bucknell I expected to enjoy the people I worked with, but that I’d look for companionship elsewhere. I never thought I’d meet a friend like Tracy.

Tracy is the Samek Art Gallery’s Head Registrar. She was on maternity leave (with the cutest son I’ve ever seen) when I started my position last March. I worked at Bucknell for two months, settled and fell into a routine. Then, Tracy returned. I was nervous. She’d been with the gallery for almost four years and I wondered what the dynamic of the office would be with her returning and me being so new. My worries were rediculious now thinking back. Tracy and I (and her mom) became fast friends. We started having lunch together in the campus Refectory, scoping Pinterest for funny work memes (Tracy always wins), and exchanging stories of our loved ones. Before long I came to realize Tracy is my closest friend here. She’s a jack-of-all-trades: my tour guide telling me of the best spots in town, she’s the voice of reason when I’m being underconfident and irrational, and she’s the ballsiest woman I know, unafriad to unleash her every option in staff meetings 🙂 IMG_2354

The greatest thing about Tracy, besides her dry sense of humor and amazing parents and tech-savy hubby,  is that she cares about the friendships that she has and really knows a person once she lets them into her life. She remembers the tiniest details and just when you think you know her, she suprises you with revealing something you’d never thought she’d remember. Case in point- my birthday… well, let me rephrase. Tracy teated me to a “birthday week.” Each day, she gave me something she know I’d love (and I did!) Each had a silly memory or practical reasoning for why it was the perfect gift for me.

Monday & Tuesday- I count as a double because it was the PERFECT gift… a veggie slicer! I’ve used it so much already: apple chips, baked sweet potato fries and tonight I tackled curly zucchini! I threw out my cheap hand slicer and food processor blade immediately the night I got home after opening this gem of a gift!

Wednesday- Banana bread beer! Tracy, her husband Jon, Matt and I took a day trip to the Finger Lakes for wine tasting a few months ago. We stopping a brewery and I was obsessed with this one kind of beer that had notes of  banana. Tracy sent Jon (beer expert) on a mission to find another kind like it! Can you say, YUM?!

Thursday- Dr. Frank’s pinot noir from said Finger Lakes trip. Matt’s and my favorite vineyard/wine of the day!

Friday- mini carrot cake cupcakes. I LOVE carrot cake, and she knows me well enough to know I like things on the go and small sized for snacks. I froze half of these because I was leaving town for the marathon and they are still super yummo! The perfect little treat!

I decided to pop open my pinot noir and turn it into a Tracy-themed dinner… I even have the last 2 mini carrot-cake cupcakes defrosting for dessert 🙂 Thanks again Tracy, for turning my birthday into a whole week of fun 🙂 It meant the world to me, it really did. Feels nice to feel so far away from friends and family sometimes and be reminded of the luck I’ve had moving here and meeting you xo


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