winter wonderland- of running gear!

We’ve already had snow in Lewisburg! Despite a minor heat wave of 60 degree weather Tuesday, tempertures are quickly dropping into the 20s. When I wake up for my morning runs its coooooooold which makes it hard to convince yourself that a run at 6 or 7am is a good idea! Friends and family have been asking me lately how I’m coping with leaving SF “winters” behind and getting back into an east coast state of mind. Well, it’s easier than you’d think, all thanks to a collection of “Pam approved” winter gear! Here’s what I’m wearing in this winter…

LW3658S_7218_2Brand: Lululemon

Make: Toasty Tech Pullover

$$$: 128

Grade: A+

I’ve never shopped at Luluemon before and never understood why people were so in love with the brand until I tried this baby on. The material is AMAZING. Super warm without making me feel hot and slim fitting so you don’t have all the bulk of other long sleeves. It is tight, which I love, but I had to buy a size up than what I’m used to so I could layer a tee or tank underneath. The material is quilted, stretchy and breathable- the perfect trifecta. I admit- it’s pricey! Matt treated me for my birthday otherwise, it’s not something I’d order without trying on and really making sure I loved it. But WOW, I do. Without the doubt the best cold-weather running investment you can make. A+

Brand: Asicst2k7n_9001

Model: 2100, size 11 narrow

$$$: 120

Grade: A-

I was a religious New Balance runner until I went to have my feet sized for shoes. I was working for a running company at the time and my boos was amazed I had never had my feet measured and sized for my running shoes. Little did I know I was not only buying the wrong size, but the wrong fit! The narrow option has done wonders for my feet and how I feel on runs. I fell in love with the 2170s by Asics and stocked up on them for the past year. I’ve been an Asics girl ever since. They revamped the 2170s for their Spring season and came out with the 2100s… same stable, cushioned support I love about Asics but I notice these are slightly lighter. I’ve gotten a solid week of running in these as I ease them into my shoe rotation, but I notice the weight difference. Not a deal breaker, I still swear by the shoe, but it will take some getting used to.


Brand: Gap

Make: gFast glow leggings

$$$: 54.95

Grade: B

Anyone that knows me out of running wardrobe knows I LIVE in Gap. You’d be surprised to know that their GapFit line is amazing! I swear by their summer workout tanks and shorts, but these tights were a great addition to their line. Equipped with glow in the dark highlights (for those daylight savings 5pm runs that look like 10pm) and the thick yet giving material allows you to move with ease. These get a B because prices on GapFit are rising… boo Gap, keep your same great quality at your old cheaper prices!


Brand: Lululemon

Make: Brisk Run Toque

$$$: SALE 28.00

Grade: B+

Another Lululemon product, this time an on sale purchase from my Mom for my birthday 🙂 Great fit, covers my ears, allows for a pony, and best of all… it’s the same signature material Lulu is known for. As I sweat I don’t feel like I’m overheating, I just feel, well… comfortable! This has become a staple even when it’s not super cold! Hides my bed head and traps the heat in 🙂

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