goals met, goals ahead

Haven’t been blogging as regularly as I’d like to; things at work have been pretty chaotic with the end of the semester, shows leaving, prepping for the new ones, and planning our events/public programs. I recently received a new role at the Galleries, coordinating all our education and public programs & head of marketing and PR. Even though these things were a part of my original job description, I had other areas of focus too. During graduate school I realized that I was most interested in the public programs aspect of museums, and therefore that really became my career goal for the future.

When I interviewed at the Art Galleries at Bucknell, it was made clear that I wouldn’t be doing solely this find of work; that I’d be in charge of budgeting, managing our students, facilities management, etc. It was a little discouraging, but I knew that this was the kind of professional risk I needed to take in order to someday nail that job where I’d only be expected to focus on public programming.

About a month ago my boss called me into his office, shut the door, and offered me the role of an education and public programs coordinator as my primary responsibility. Here I was being offered the job description I thought wouldn’t come for another 3 or 4 years of “paying my dues.” It was a really exciting moment for me to receive this promotion, but the work has been piling up. I had essentially two weeks to program for an entire five months of exhibitions: firm up dates, come up with a concept, decide who we’d want to collaborate with, how we’d market this events, etc. A tall order to fill. I’m putting some finishing touches on this but for the most part, the work is all there.

The long and the short of it is, I’m so excited and proud of the progress I’ve made. As the year comes to a close, I’m already thinking back to my 12 in 2012 Goals that I made with the Spatularettes last year. I’m thinking about what I’ve accomplished, what I haven’t, and what new additions I’ll make in 2013. Goal #1 was to land that art job I’ve always wanted. I can’t help but feel really, REALLY lucky that here I sit on a Saturday morning, sipping coffee with Marfa at my feet, thinking about how drastically my professional life has grown. Almost one year to date I had flown from San Francisco to New Jersey to spend the holidays with my family. Fed up with the disorganization and stressful over-time I’d been putting in at my previous job with a running company, I applied to a job posting on AAM. I remember thinking, “Ugh, this probably won’t eve get read, but here goes nothing.”

Fast forward to mid Januaray: I was in Tahoe skiing with Matt. I awoke to an email from Director, Richard Rinehart inviting me to a phone interview with the gallery staff and hiring committee. Fast forward to mid January, I received a follow-up invitation, after my phone interview, that I was in the final three and that the university wanted to fly me out east. I was the first finalist to visit the school. I felt nervous and confident all at once, but I assumed that because I was so young, and so fresh out of graduate school I wouldn’t stand a chance next to seasoned museum professionals. Fast forward to Super Bowl Weekend, February 2012… again I was home in New Jersey to watch our Giants beat the Pats (sorry Matt!) and the next evening I received thecall that changed everything. “We would love to have you,” Rick said. As as soon as I hung up the phone my dad was online changing my flight back to SF and calling off work to drive me to Bucknell to find a home. The following day I signed my lease.

10 months later, it’s today. I’m living in Lewisburg, just completed a marathon, still madly in love with my best friend, have a new companion in Marfa my greyhound, and just received a really exciting promotion. With the unfortunate news of the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut I’m reminded of how lucky I am and how blessed my life has been. My thoughts are with those affected by the shooting. So many people have taken to social media and blogging to show their support, and I too want to voice my support. Everything I do today I’ll do a little slower to take time to live in the moment. And, keep my eyes open a little wider with appreciation.

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