cookie coma & charity

IMG_2423I’m laying in my bed, Marfa spooning my side, and boy am I in a cookie coma!! This afternoon’s Cookie Exchange was a great success! Today was one of those really amazing Sundays- I had plans in the afternoon but still managed to get a “Pam time” kind of morning in. For those of you who don’t know, it’s no secret to my friends and family that I LOVE alone time. In SF I used to love disappearing for the day to go shopping, see an afternoon movie, bring a packed lunch to Golden Gate Park… all by myself. So, many friends started saying… ‘Oh, Pam’s having some Pam time. We’ll talk to you tomorrow.” I got in a good workout this morning and made an exciting decision before heading over to Tracy’s.IMG_2421

My spring marathon is all set- Pittsburgh 2013 here I come! I kept going back and forth on where I’d run. I’ve been to Pittsburgh before and usually I like to run races, especially longer distances at travel sites and turn the race into a fun trip. I had Vancouver and Toronto on my radar but in light everything going on in the world and it being the holidays, I started to think about how I could give back through my running. I took at look into what charity teams were running at Pitt, thinking perhaps there might be one for breast cancer awareness, in which case I could run for my mom, or another cause I felt really passionate about. I stumbled upon the Steel City Greyhound Team– you guessed it: a rescue shelter for ex-racers like Marfa in search of a good home. I immediately reached out to the coordinator to get more information. She responded within two hours and so I’m officially registered.

In order for my entry fee to be free, I need to raise $250 by May 3rd. But, I have to have raised at least $100 by March, when the cutoff for race entry is. I know that given all the love and support I had from friends and family when I decided to adopt Marfa that I will be able to achieve this goal. I hope to work on a letter and include some pictures of my time with Marfa since we first met in October, and send them out along with a link to my fundraising website, in hopes of gaining some support.

I welcome you all to give even $1 to this worthwhile cause. Steel City Greyhounds makes life after racing a priority. I see the way Marfa keeps me positive, happy and healthy… I can only hope I do the same for her in her new life with me post-racing. From one racer to another we “get” each other. Please help me support Marfa and dogs like her. I’ll be honored to run with such a “greyt” group of runners in May.

To donate please visit: CROWDRISE

And remember… every little bit helps!! photo-23

Oh, PS… the way Marfa looks here is how my cookie belly feels 🙂

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