13 in 2013

Hope you enjoyed that snapshot of Marfa and her Hefeweizen for NYE 🙂

I decided the best thing to do in light of the holidays and losing my grandma, would be to drive back to Lewisburg and settle in New Years Eve afternoon, put away some gifts and laundry and grocery shop. This is the first NYE I’m spending alone and I’m doing it with some homemade chili and a few beers. Now especially,  it’s a time to make new traditions. Tonight at midnight, Marfa and I will cheers to 2013 and head out for a quick 5k around Lewisburg to see the town at its most peaceful. My biggest hope for the year is that I can gain some peace of mind for myself and learn to just let go.

I’ve mentioned before how Meghan of the Spatularettes came up with a GREAT spin on the New Years Resolution last year. Rather than making resolutions, Laura, Meg, and I all made lists of 12 Goals for 2012. We all agreed: 2012 STUNK!!! 🙂 I made lots of fun and laughable memories, but overall we’ve been joking with the slogan “EFF 2012!” for 364 days of the 365.

So, let’s keep the tradition going! Here it is folks…

13 Goals for 2013

  1. Really take a look at what makes me happy- lately I’ve been consciously thinking about what makes me happy. Where do I want to be in the next year professionally and physically so that I can be at my happiest. 
  2. Don’t allow anxieties to control how I feel/act towards other areas in my life.
  3. Take a cooking class- I cook all the time! But I think this would be a great, enjoyable way to meet some new people and learn new techniques. I just got a TON of top notch cooking equipment for Christmas… what better way to try them out!
  4. 3:54:59 in the Pittsburgh Marathon
  5. Cut back on the after work “tech-time.” New rule, no more replying to work emails at 2am or constantly refreshing my inbox on my iPhone. I’ll work at work, not at home.
  6. Take a vacation- a real vacation. No work emails, fly somewhere, sightsee, take photos!
  7. Remain politically aware- I really got “into” the 2012 Presidential Election and took the time to really get to know what I wanted in a leader. It’s easy to forget this now that we have another 4 years to go before the next election, but in the mean time, I’d like to stay as active and up to date in my reading as I was this past year.
  8. Lift twice a week- I stopped lifting this year as much as I did in 2011 and I’ve noticed it effecting how strong my arms are during long runs.  I’d like to stay on track with a kettle bell workout twice a week and stay consistent.
  9. Live in the same city as Matt 🙂 * My most selfish goal, I admit.
  10. Find a new hobby that’s NOT physical or food related- knitting, reading, I don’t know… I’ll think of something.
  11. Remember that I’m only 26- Sometimes as much as I like that I’ve settled down and don’t party or drink anymore, I still have those moments when I realize that I’m ONLY 26. I might not be getting hammered on the weekends like I used to, but I need to remind myself to enjoy being my age and not rush to act 40 (but the flannels and decaf coffee in bed are staying, just sayin’).
  12. Give Marfa new experiences- As a rescue greyhound, the first 2 months with me have been an entirely new life for her compared to the 4 years she had as a racer. She’s learned to climb stairs, that it’s ok to sleep all day, and yes you can stop jogging with me when you want to. Now that she’s settling into a routine, I want to keep trying new things with her to show her a world she’s never known before. Hiking, dog parks, etc. are all in her future.
  13. Peace of Mind- I’ve thought negative thoughts and doubted myself a lot this year. From the outside I look like I’ve got it all together, especially professionally. But I go to bed every night doubting who I am and I wake up with fear and hesitation. Let this be the year I find peace of mind and quit the inner rat race I run day-in-day-out.

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