race goals for 2013

47762_518431921510403_1125788421_nDrum roll please… Here they are:

1) Lift, Lift, Lift! I’m shooting to use my “off” day from running as a lift day for Pitt Marathon training. I found a great kettle bell program that I’ve done now and then in the past, but I think I want to make it more routine. I usually leave one easy day during training, 3 or 4 fairly fast miles NOT considered tempo. Ideally, I’m shooting for kettle bells after this run and again on my off day. Hopefully it’ll help with those Pittsburgh hills!

2) Indulge: When I’m in the “zone” of training I tend to go into an extreme of nutrition. While I’ve been focused on healthy eating for awhile now, I have to remember that I’ll be running mid 40/50 mile weeks.. I can have some homemade cookies or ice cream and not sweat it… cause I’ll be sweating it out the next day! (see what I did there?)

3) Relax: Stress less about every run being perfect!! I’m going to have really sub-par runs. But what I never want to have are the mental days where I convince myself that I’m not good enough. Just relax and let my legs do the work…

4) The Skill of the “Easy” Pace: It’s not always easy to hold back. I’ve noticed from Philly training that I’m often GLUED to my watch. I count every mile and judge each split. One days where I’m not looking to hit a speed or stay within a goal time, it’s OK to just kick into coast-gear as take my sweet.as*.time!! No one is chasing you, Pam… easy runs are just as critical as paced ones.

5) Stick with a Run Group: I’ve participated in some local groups, mainly to make friends. It sucks to drive like 30 minutes to meet people and run basically a 5k, but it keeps my runs interesting and gives me a change of scenery.

6) Log my Chews: I’ve become fairly knowledgable about how my body reacts to chews, when you eat them, what flavor to use, etc. I got that way from logging and tracking at what miles I was eating and reviewing how that influenced the rest of my runs. I don’t need to get crazy obsessive over this. but it’s a helpful tool.

7) “Sweets are my medicine, running is my therapy”: I created that motto via a random texting sesh about running/stress/eating with Meghan. It’s so true… give my body what it craves when stressed (the sweetsies) and follow up with a session with my favorite therapist… the road… the following morning. Repeat until calm.

8) Run a 5k with Matt: I don’t think Matt really understands how important it is for me to have a partner to share physical activities with. He likes to lift and hike (which I’m all about and think it’s great) BUT while I know he doesn’t have the running bug like I do, cardio is important! I want to run one 5k with him this year. I just really feel like I need to be with someone who I can share this part of my life with. 

9) Sub 4 in Pitt: Those hills are going to totally screw me. But I feel so focused and ready going into this training program. I need to believe all 15 weeks that I can do it.

10) Look Back: Sometimes we all need a kick in the rear to remember where we’ve come from to put into perspective how far we really have come. I think of my best friend Casey… I remember her running for 10 minutes on a treadmill in our SF gym, stopping, then starting again. Now she’s training for LA. Even when she freaks about a long run in my head I remember the “old Casey.” They are two completely different runners now. She has come so, so far… she has such a exciting road ahead.

11) Destination Half: Meghan and I usually plans some fun mini vacations around half marathons. We went to the Vegas in 2011 and it was one of the best experiences racing… and post-racing 🙂 I’m already hunting for the perfect destination city for our next. Suggestions welcome!

OK all! It’s not 13 but those are my 11 Running Goals for 2013! Enjoy, get off your couch, take some therapy to the road and enjoy every stride. xo

8 thoughts on “race goals for 2013

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  2. melis! i wish we could, that comes right before Pitt 😦 BUT! my bestie Casey pointed out that the Rock n’ Roll Vegas 1/2 Meghan and I did in 2010 changed it’s date this year… TO MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Vegas for my 27th? yes please, plan on joining!

  3. I just double checked my calendar… it’s also my 22 mile long week. Can you say oh boy? Hmm, I’ll look for some other ones in Raleigh this summer! I’d be up for a half post Pitt to take nice and easy!

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