on my run today…

something happened that has never happened to me before. I got angry. Something I love about running, just the road and me, is that my mind wonders. I often remember memories, things that I know I would never, ever remember otherwise. Somewhere around mile 5 I started to go back two years when I was living in SF. At that time I was a full time graduate student with a part-time gallery job and for awhile there, had a second part-time job in a bakery. I was killing my classes, scrapping together money to enjoy things after my rent/living expenses were covered, and hitting the gym hard. I was running well, eating right, and felt good about my conditioning. Someone, we will call them “Joe Schmo”, said to me “Ya, of course you are in such good shape. You don’t have a real job. But, what are you going to do when you join the rest of us 9-5ers? There’s no way you can maintain that.”

Here I am two years later out of graduate school, with a full-time job that has me logging close to 60 hour work weeks. I’ve completed numerous half marathons, trained for the Philadelphia Marathon while continuing to work and travel. And here I am training for Pittsburg in sub 5 degree weather… still with a full-time job, dog, etc. I’m in better shape now than I was then! To him/her I say there are NO excuses. You want to know who the real runners are? Look our your window when there is 3 inches of snow on the ground and temperatures are sub zero. Anyone can pick a random day in sunny 70 degree weather,  jog 2 miles and call it a workout. But what are you doing the other 364 days of the year?

I am a big advocate of encouraging a healthy lifestyle, so what I just said is NOT IN ANY WAY meant to rag on folks are are trying to make this big life adjustment. Anything you do to change is a positive action. So please, keep doing it!! You do not have to run marathons, or even run! Walk, ride a bike, throw a frisbee; I don’t care what you do. Just do something! Rather than hitting that snooze button go for a walk. Rather than watching an episode of something that you KNOW will be on re-runs for the next week, do anything else to keep you up and about. And remeber, if you go to bed at night and can remember 15-30 minutes where you were bored or not moving… than you missed your opportunity to do something to set the wheels in motion. This doesn’t have to be a 7 day a week goal… try small and shoot for 1 or 2 days. My point is… set a goal and start SOMEWHERE.

Remembering that comment infuraited me. If it matters to you in life, you’ll find room for it. For those of you who use the excuse that work interferes or that your life is just so busy that you’re ragging on me for finding the time… you’re actually mad yourself for not doing the same. You can’t complain about your health, appearance, or energy level if you’re doing nothing to fix it.

Keep moving, keep positive, keep trying.

One thought on “on my run today…

  1. So true!! Just talked about this with some fellow runners while doing 14 miles in 14 degrees this past Sunday. The trails were practically empty… but there we were… just like every week… just like on the 65 degree days…

    So proud of you Pammy, keep up the good work!!

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