Well, since the power is out during the Super Bowl, I thought I’d blog while I await the game to start up again. This was a high and low weekend- started out awesome Saturday morning… did my normal Saturday morning routine: up at 6:45am, walked Marfa, jumped in the car to get my Dunkin and made some breakfast. Normally I’d wait around a bit before heading out on either my long run or mid-stance run, but this Saturday was the Annual Lewisburg Ice Festival! The Downtown Art Gallery was hosting a paint with ice activity in the park so I knew I’d be at work for most of the day, but first… I was runnin’ the 5k! IMG_0955

It was pretty weird actually. I wasn’t really “in it.” I felt like I hadn’t digested my breakfast by the 10am start… I was really tired, and it was SO COLD that I couldn’t feel my legs (I’m serious, it was 12 degrees and flurrying). Nonetheless, the folks from the Riverside Adventure Co. (Remember: I ran Laps of Reason just before Philly w/ these guys), were organizing the race, so in a dorky way I was pumped to see some of my out of town running buds. I crossed the start line and at mile one I legit couldn’t feel my shins. My legs were so cold and I felt so raw I thought, “Ugh, well, slow it up… you have 12 tomorrow. Use this as just a fun race.” So, I thought I was doing just that but I slowly started picking people off. Turns out, I finished with a 22:58 (7:20 something min/mile) and finished 13th overall female/46 overall whole race and took third in my age group. Huge race for me and what a boost of speed confidence!!! IMG_0956

I quick ran home, threw on clothes, checked in with the gallery staff and went to pick up coffee for them before settling into the program that was beginning at 11am. It was a great success and we interacted with well over a hundred children and their families. I was so frozen afterwards I had a serious headache and just felt really lowsy. I cancelled plans with my pal Tracy, even though I really wanted to go, but I just wanted my bed and a hot bath at that point. IMG_1070

This morning I woke up and prepped for my long run. I noticed the dog was pacing and whimpering weird. I had already walked her so I gave her some fresh water and headed out for my long run. UGH- 12 miles @ 9:08 pace (which is perfect for me) but I still felt awful. Came home, took my temperature… 102!!!! The wet clothes I woke up in were hot/cold sweats. A few minutes later, Marfa threw up on my feet and I knew that’s what the pacing was about. Again, I had to cancel my Super Bowl plans with Tracy… I feel like a big jerk canceling on her twice, especially when her hubby’s chili is involved, but I just couldn’t leave Marfa let alone risk getting Tracy’s son Bryan sick a week before his big 1st Birthday Party!! Marfa and I were two sick girls on this bitter cold Sunday. I ran out to get her some things to ease her stomach and she laid with me all day crying and looking so sad. I was worried but she’s finally starting to settle a bit. It’s so damn cold here!

Bummer end to what started off as an awesome weekends. Bleh, back to work already…

PS: looks like my Lululemon color fleece is “in” this season hahaha

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