2 weeks down…

thirteen weeks to go 🙂 Well, Pittsburgh Marathon training has been going really well so far. Two weeks of my fifteen week plan are in the books and I am feeling so strong. Getting my kettle bells in, my base feels really solid, and my enthusiasm for May just continues. I know that it’s only going to get harder and my body will start to break down, but I’ll build it back up! Now that I’ve been through the marathon training process and know what to expect, I appreciate how much more natural the process feels.

I took today off from running to recoup from fever Sunday. Still in the 100s… but the miles only get longer and harder here on out so I want to play it smart and get myself healthy. It was a small thing to admit that I needed a day in bed, but this is exactly what I meant in my 13 Running Goals for 2013. I tend to go all in and freak out counting every mile, every minute, every workout. Waking up and realizing my body just wasn’t ready was a positive decision (it didn’t hurt that I was still pumped about my quick 5k, haha).

On a side note: Looking for some new recipe ideas for this week. Any runners out there have some good fueling meals for me to try? I’m feeling some experimenting coming on this week!

6 thoughts on “2 weeks down…

  1. Aren’t they amaze-balls?! 🙂 Meghan will be so happy to hear you enjoyed them- she’s such a cooking inspiration! They are such a handy snack to pack (or right out of the bowl, haha) and one not to feel guilty about eating lots of! Now that I’ve eaten most of my protein bars your peppermint bites will be my Friday night blog adventure! Thanks so much for commenting… makes me smile to know there’s at least one reader out there 🙂

    • I gotta tell you that the peppermint bites aren’t as good as the pumpkin ones; they are good but not “eat half of it out of the bowl” good. They aren’t as sweet but certainly help me with my chocolate cravings. 🙂 Let me know what you think.
      Love your site here. I’m glad I found you during one of my Pittsburgh Marathon wordpress searches. 🙂

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