who wants to eat a whole pizza?


I do when it’s cauliflower crusted pizza! And guess what, you really can if you want, guilt and wheat belly free! Do you guys remember my first post about this recipe back when I launched Pace of Mind? Well, it’s back! Tonight is Monday AKA the best night for TV. Mondays hit all my favorite kinds of shows: reality (The Bachelor), inspirational (The Biggest Loser), and reality (Vanderpump Rules). Oh, c’mon people… I work in academia and look at Art all day; I’m allowed two hours of mindless TV. Soooo, I thought let’s make Monday a pizza party night! Marfa didn’t get pizza… but I think her yogurt and green apple was her idea of a party 🙂

I’ve been trying to perfect that recipe for months and tonight I nailed it! I upped the bake time by two minutes before adding my topping, and then baked the crust after the topping for an additional four. I also mixed one TBS red pepper flakes to the crust mix to give it some spice.


This kept the cauliflower crisp, but the gravy kept some moisture in. I topped the pizza with three varieties of mushroom, diced onion, 2 or 3 oz. of ground turkey and kale… the ultimate yum-town superfood!

Happy Monday runners. And remember, Fridays aren’t the only pizza-for-dinner days 🙂

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