My Valentine’s Day started by waking up to a text from Meghan reading, “I wish someone brought donuts into work today. I don’t even like donuts very much… but today I want them.” I laughed and headed out for my run. I found $3 bucks on the road and joked in a text back to Meg that I’d take that $3 and buy myself a cupcake… my tummy would want that over a donut.

cupWhen I got to work my boss’s partner popped in and dropped this on my desk… did he read my mind that morning or what?!

Being that Matt and I are 3,000 miles away for Valentines Day I grabbed a bite and movie with another Bucknell staff, Kathryn. We laughed and had a great time, but I thought back to where I was one year ago that day. Brace yourself… it’s sorta corny. February 14, 2012 I landed back at San Francisco Airport after being in PA signing my lease in Lewisburg and signing the contract for my current job at Bucknell. Matt had been sailing in BVI for 2 weeks without any internet/phone access. So we were reconnecting for the first time, and speaking since telling him I had accepted the job. We cried in the car trip back to his apartment, we talked, we sorted through how we’d handle moving forward dealing with long distance. We dried our eyes and drove down the Ferry Building, grabbed fresh fruit and yogurt and drove up to Napa for a day of wine tasting. It was so perfect, so special… so “us”. That night we drove back into the city and as per tradition, ended every week with a sushi date at our favorite hole-in-the-wall sushi bar. We laughed and recapped the day until we both realized this wouldn’t happen two weeks from now. Now I laugh looking back, but we both started crying right there at the table. What saps 🙂 fl

I’m proud to say here we are one year later. Still in love despite this being the most un-desirable circumstance. It’s not always easy but it feels worth it. He remembered my favorite flowers and had them delivered to me. The card was not only for me, but his other Valentine… my greyhound Marfa 🙂 She was my Lewisburg Valentine and kept me happy while 3,000 miles away someone very special was thinking of us.

I’m not anti-Valentines nor am I crazy in love with it… but I did feel loved yesterday. From a new friend in Lewisburg; we kept each other company, from Marfa, from Matt, even from my parents. 364 days until VDay 2014 🙂

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