in case you’re wondering…

ddwhat it looks like to train for a marathon in and around Lewisburg, PA here it is:

The bottom right was taken about last spring, the others this weekend during my 12 miler. Suprisingly enough, all the snow has melted and these don’t capture the fact that it: was sunny/warm and also snowing/windy on that run depending where I was along the strip of farms.

Lewisburg’s main street is less than a mile long, so running shorter distances is do-able on mornings runs. But anything over 4 miles and I really need to start exploring other spots because I will die of boredom. This weekend I did I a lot of hill work in prep for Pitt so the farms and two-lane highways were perfect for my long run on Sunday. This was a 12 miler, so in about 1 hour and 40 minutes of running I saw one other runner and four cars… that’s it. The cars were only in the final stages of the run as I headed back into town. As I passed by all these farms and climbed the rolling hills I kept my eyes out for buggies but it being Sunday, no Amish were out and about. I did get lost once during an 18 mile run and actually stopped into an Amish home to get directions. The family offered to take me back to town in their buggy, which was super nice, but I needed to run the rest of those miles not sit for them 🙂 It was a funny experience.

Running in somewhat isolated areas has made me a stronger runner mentally. I won’t use headphones 95% of the time, so I have to find ways to keep myself motivated and not really dwell on mile-by-mile stuff. This is something I WILL miss when I leave Lewisburg down the line. Now I try to imagine city running and dodging traffic lights and cars and I can’t imagine all the stop and go. It’s so peaceful out there. Just me and the gravel; sometimes thinking, other times I just black out and come to at the sound of my watch checking off the distances.

It was a cold and snowy day out there today. But, it reminded me of something I do really enjoy about living in Lewisburg. Cycle #1 of training is over! Recovery week is in the books, back to building my mileage. Week #4 here I come…

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