am i crazy?

eeeMore like addicted. Before racing the Pittsburgh Marathon in May, I’ve already taken the plunge and registered for the 2013 Chicago Marathon on October 13th!! After running Philly in November and now training for Pitt, I thought after May I’d take time to focus on half training and breaking my PB. Butttttt, something about the challenge of 26.2 and already seeing how much stronger I’ve gotten from Philly training to now, I knew I wanted to keep going.

I honestly don’t know how I got so lucky…, the site hosting all of the registration, crashed within MINUTES of opening. Over 30,000 slots filled up within two hours… incredible. I tried about six times, each time getting a “system error” when attempting to advance to the checkout page. After finally inputting all my credit card info, surprise… another “system error.” So I figured I didn’t get in but before hitting refresh and risking a double charge on my card I first checked my bank statement… there is was -$175 (the first sign someone above was looking our for me). Then I went to “check registration page” and searched my name. Sure enough there I was… officially registered. Considering some folks were charged six or seven times without entry, I’m not sure how on earth it worked out for me. But I AM PUMPED!

I’m hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that my best friends Casey, Taylor, Meghan, and Matt are all able to claim spots when registration re-opens next week. This will be such an exciting mini-vacation for a destination race… to one of the 5 Majors no less. Realizing I may never be fast enough to qualify for Boston, this might be the closest thing I have to running in such a huge race.

Did anyone else out there gain entry this week to Chicago??

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