marfa the grey-t!


I don’t have children yet, but I do have Marfa. So, sometimes I feel like a mom and she’s my little girl, haha. As some of you might remember back in October I was struggling a bit with feeling lonely so I adopted a retired racing greyhound…

About 90% of my happy memories of this move involve her- leaving her home alone from 9am until 10pm after a crazy day of exhibition install/entertaining the artist’s assistant lead to this (her only disaster to date, knock on wood!): Truth be told, I was sorta flattered… her way of saying, “Don’t leave me alone so long! I miss you when you’re working!”

Or after every single long run on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon when I’m tired and watching TV, I look down and see this at my feet:




I never understood how an animal could mean the world to someone until I owned my own. Without a doubt the best part of my day is waking up at 5:30am and walking those 2 miles with Marfa and my cup of coffee. I’m awake just enough to see how happy she is trotting along downtown Lewisburg. We come home and I put together her yogurt breakfast and while she happily eats in the kitchen I sneak out for my morning run.

Having adopted Marfa I learned what an amazing breed of dog the greyhound is. They are affectionate, lovable, lazy couch potatoes who want nothing more than to learn a new world outside of the race track. Everyday I try and show her something new, walk her someplace foreign, or just tell her why she’s the best. I’ll be running the 2013 Pittsburgh Marathon with the charity Team Steel City Greyhounds.

She’s just the best and I had to share. Sorry, even doggie mommys have to gush every now and again 🙂

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