searching for new energy sources

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m 100% sick of Clif Blok chews. I fell in love with the “cran-razz” flavor more than a year ago and for so many races it has been my go-to for my sugar intake. I went through a phase where I was even keeping them cold in the fridge and during my PA winter long runs they’d get so hard they tasted like stale Sweedish Fish (I have such fond baseball memories from growing up buying a ziplock baggy of 20 fish for like fifty cents after a game).

I really can’t stand things like Gu Gels or sticky sypury enegry shots you suck out of the package. One of the main reasons I loved the Clif Bloks was because they reminded me of gumdrops. But lately, they just seem TOO sweet or chemically tasting for me. I’ve been thinking about trying a liquid sugar, such as Gatorade. I normally don’t drink it because of the high content of BVO, or flame retardent, commonly found in it, but during the Philly Marathon that’s all they had and it worked well for me! I’m wondering if anyone has experimented with Nuun? Or another type of natural sugar that can be used during long runs?

I’ve also read articles about usuing actual candy? Meghan uses gummy lifesavers, and I’ve read of athlete really using Swedish Fish, Mike N’ Ikes, etc. Does anyone use this method that can offer some pros VS cons?

4 thoughts on “searching for new energy sources

  1. I would recommend checking out Honey Stinger brand chews. They taste exactly like fruit snacks! And if you’re a fan of honey, their gels are basically like taking a shot of flavored honey. Which is probably weird, but they’re way better than Clif or GU.

  2. I like Nuun… though you have to pick a good flavor… the first time I tried it, i hated it then I tried a different flavor, then I learned to loved it. It’s very convenient too. just drop a tablet in your water… and it’s ready. 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for the suggestions everyone! I ordered some new things on Amazon to try (Honey Stingers & Sharkies). Something tells me I might start eating Sharkies as candy, too! haha They look great. I bought Nuun at a local running store in Tropical Fruit flavor. This is one heck of a week to try out new energy sources but I’ll give it a go on my 20 miler. Much appreciated!

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