jersey girls aren’t so bad…

OK, so I’m originally from northern New Jersey… something that I usually don’t mention to people; even if I’ve lost most of my accent and the insanity that was the Jersey Shore has been cancelled. However, I finally found another Jersey girl like me… and her blog totally ROCKS!

Today at work, Tracy sent me a link to Shore to Run a blog by a twenty-something named Kristen. She’s a Brooklyn native now living in northern Jersey.. Hoboken actually, where my brother and sister used to live. I’ve spent lots of time there and have great memories from there. I ran my first 5k along the river overlooking the NY skyline… and when I was old enough, had one too many beers and wound up at McDonalds 🙂 Anyways,  Kristen is passionate about running, fitness, eating clean, and planning her wedding! I knew I’d love her blog from the moment I read “peanut butter and Nutella” in the same sentence. The more I go through her recipes, the more things I add to my grocery list.

This year for Easter both my parents will be in Italy (tough life right? They’ve been gone for more than 2 weeks now). So,  my brother Lewis thought it would be nice for all the “kids” to get together and do our own Easter.  I can’t wait to spend it with him,  Heather (my sister-in-law), Melia (niece), Kim (my sister) and Ryan (brother-in-law). We each have our own dogs now too;  Mason with my brother, McGee with my sister, and Marfa with me- the cousins 🙂 I wanted to contribute something to the meal since Heather is pregnant with baby number two. She’s been craving ice cream like MAD this pregnancy… and this might be just the healthy dessert for us all!

Take a look at Shore to Run’s take on mint chocolate chip ice cream- FroCho! I’ll document my go at this along with our festive eggs and Easter Sunday spread.

Follow “Shore to Run”… she seriously rocks!

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