This past weekend I went home for Easter. It felt nice to drive home after work with Marfa, arrive home to a quiet house and catch up on my Hulu while eating cereal in bed (don’t tell my mom!) My parents have been on a European vacation for the past three weeks, so while I enjoyed having a calm pre-long run night alone with the dog, I was sad that this would be my first Easter without them. Lewis and Heather had all “us kids” over for dinner and drinks, which was really nice.

Saturday morning I woke up and headed out on my first 20 miler for Pittsburgh Marathon training. I was giving Nuun a try as my energy source for the first time, and I’m happy to report it was GREAT. Not sugary at all, tasted a bit like a carbonated water but not in the sense that I felt gassy. I tried the tropical fruit flavor, which proved perfect. I HATE most flavored waters because they are too sweet, but Nuun gave me just the right amount of flavor without overwhelming me.

I felt really strong until mile 17. The long run felt pretty effortless and I was in a solid zone. At mile 17 I didn’t feel tired but I did feel hungry!! I could hear my stomach growling and at that point the last 3 miles just felt like hell. I was so focused on what I wanted to eat for recovery that at least it kept me distracted ;P

I went out with Aunt Ida for a nice burger and sweet potatoes fries from a local place my parents introduced me to. With fresh avocado and mushrooms it had me in heaven before heading to Lewis’s for egg dying.

-1That night Heather, Lewis, Kim, Ryan, Melia, me and the dogs hung around at drank wine, caught up on each of our careers (I realized how smart my brother is and how good is he at his job… talk about impressed), and decided where to go for dinner. We went to an AMAZING homemade ice cream place (there went my Fro-Cho idea, haha) I haven’t written too much about this, if at all, but my sister and I have had a really strained relationship. She’s battled anorexia since I was in high school and it has always been a crapshoot putting us n the same room. I resented her for a while, judged her, over analyzed her, even hated her… but now it just seems different. I’ve always loved her but I like her again. Sitting on the couch sharing a meal with her felt as good as Heather’s cooking tasted.

Easter brought new meaning to me this year. In the past it was just another holiday with my family. But this year reassured me that even when mom and dad aren’t there to round us up, my siblings and I can handle it… because we want to see one another. photo-24

I cried a little on the drive home thinking about how nice this weekend was. With the loss of my grandmother and seeing my mother in such distress, I felt a lot of anxiety and depression about the realization that I, too would lose my parents some day- my very best friends. But I had a sense of relief that we all would be OK. That even when they are away or missed, we can still have a sense of family and connectedness. melia


2 thoughts on “Easter

  1. I know the feeling of loving but not liking a sibling. It definitely can be difficult at family gatherings. Glad to hear your relationship is better. I’m still waiting for that day.

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