when running hands you lemons…

squeeze them to your hydration belt bottles and keep on running!! Today was my longest run of training and I headed out on a BEAUTIFUL day in Lewisburg. Finally, capri tights, hat, and T-Shirt weather… I was in heaven. My plan was to start out with an easy three or four on Rails to Trails to warm up and head over into Amish country and just kind of wander until mile 20 then finish up locally incase I needed more water. However, life had another plan for me (AKA the lemons)…

My Garmin watch finally needs a new battery. It has been beeping for a few days but only when I tried to use the night light, so I thought I’d be fine like I’ve been all week keeping distance and time. However, at .89 miles in I looked down and my watch faded and went to blank!! I kept running along the trail but in my head I was thinking, “OK, I can turn back now and head to Walmart an use today as an easy three and run long tomorrow OR I can scratch my wandering around Amish country plan since I don’t have set mile markers memorized out there and just combine like 5 or 6 of my favorite morning routes where I know the miles by heart.”

I decided to run to my mile #2 landmark while thinking it over… I opted for choice number two. This is when I thank goodness I live in a small enough town/area where I do literally have every route’s miles memorized. I could have NEVER done this in SF and I would have wasted a day. My routes ended up being, and yes I know I call the weird things 🙂

Miles 1-6: Rails 2 Trails, barn and cow pasture and back

Miles 6- 14.25: Lewisburg to Montandon road route

Miles 14.25- 18: Restaurant Row

Miles 18- 22: home to BU West lacrosse field and back

Miles 22-24: BU campus tour (President’s House, library, frat houses, home)

Today ended up being just as much about mental endurance as it was physical. If my watch broke mid-race in Pitt I’d have to rely on other things to keep me on pace and focused. Small victories like these and not letting tech troubles interfere with my personal training struggles felt good. An accomplishment when I think about how OCD I can be about my running/silly rituals for “luck”/etc. fff

I felt really consistent and physically, this run didn’t seem hard; signs training it suiting me (and maybe my weekly experiment is delivering some positive results!) A burger with avocado was my post-run meal from the awesome Lewisburg Hotel. And, in light of this wonderful spring weather Marfa and I took a good 5 miles stretch walk and ended with some ice cream 🙂 She’s as beat as I am… 9:30PM on a Saturday and we are curled up in bed!

Next week is my last 20 mile run and then taper begins! Hard to believe I’m wrapping up my peak training week. Time is flying!

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