what kind of marathoner are you?

Tonight I was at a work event mingling with some local art advocates. It was a “meet and greet” of sorts and somehow one of the women standing in a small circle with me, whom I know well and has come to be one of the best people I’ve met in Lewisburg, said to the other… “Pam’s a marathoner.” Another woman in the group went on about how wonderful that must be; what dedication I must have and how good I must feel. She spoke like she admired me but I hated how her tone alluded to the fact that she felt less of herself for not being able to compete physically. And instead, forced a joke:  “I guess I’m a marathon reader.” She wasn’t being rude or trying to make me feel bad. I think it was a means for her to feel better by introducing humor to the “serious” nature of competitive running. But, it was apparent that this woman was somehow talking down about her interest as if to suggest that because my “marathon” is physical, it was more than a marathon of reading.

On my run tonight after I got home from the event, I replayed that moment in my mind. This woman inadvertently brought up a completely brilliant thing. And with that, the miles flew by as I wrote this blog post in my head…

We each are marathoners in our everyday life. Some of us are battling inner demons like eating disorders, struggling to stay binge/purge free. Some of us are marathon moms- figuring out how to balance life while raising a child, all while holding on to their previous roles of a housewife/daughter/friend. Some of us are marathoners of faith, like Meghan- Those of us who continusly believe the Lord will guide us to a calling without ever giving us more than we can handle.  Some of us are idea marathoners, like Matt. Always dreaming of a new invention; a new idea that could change even the simplist of tasks (like opening a beer). Some of us are marathoners of spirit like my cousin Molly battling cancer… fighting for the preservation of not only her life, but time with her young children and husband.

My point is, “marathon-ing” is not just about running. It’s about the endurance and perserverance to achieve something more. When I think of it this way, it makes the physical marathon seem like cake in comparison to the marathon so many others are “running.” I run other marathons besides physical ones, some I hope to share with the world someday.

So I ask: What kind of marathoner are you?


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