the taper!

Ah, it’s the end of  “eat, sleep, run” also known as the three hardest weeks of marathon training. Seriously, if you toss work in there, the past 28 days have been waking up, running, eating, working, more eating, sometimes more running, oh, an more eating followed by ice cream. My long runs have been 20, 24, and 20 miles and I’m drained. Pitt training has kicked my butt… on one hand I feel in even stronger shape than I did for Philly, but each race prep is its own experience and as I “up” my goals I can only wonder if I am really ready.

It felt so great to stick a fork in today’s last 20 miler and bid farewell to my current pair of Asics GT2000s. I received these shoes on Philly Marathon Day for my 26th birthday. Although I didn’t wear them for the race, they were my fresh kicks for early morning Thanksgiving runs in Boston, December’s Running of the Elves 5k, and got me through 13 weeks of Pittsburgh Marathon training. I can’t wait to receive my mail tomorrow and open a fresh pair and break those babies in before May 5th! Marathon day is-a-comin’!

photo-2Although physically I should be wiped considering how much mileage I’ve poured on since I kicked off training in January (more than 590 miles!) but I’m feeling mentally fatigued. I have a lot going on at work; a lot of stress, dissatisfaction, frustration. I’ve been waiting to hear on some important news for almost a month now, and I’m trying to remain calm and live each day without worry. I still find myself playing the “if” games and worrying about things that are now out of my control. I just hope this week brings positive news and a new outlook for the what’s to come.

As I wait, I welcome the taper; the time in training where my weekly mileage will radically drop into the low 30s, long runs seem like a walk in the park at a mere 13 and 9. What will I do with all my spare time?! Before Philly I fell into a serious “bored with my running” pattern. Mileage was so slow I often texted Meghan and Laura complaining how “what’s the point of lacing up for 3 miles?!” I’m hoping now that I have Marfa and Mad Men is back on TV I can get some good cooking time/TV/dog snuggling time in. I think Marfa will be happy to have me home more on the weekends without leaving her for 3+ hour runs. I certainly will like sleeping in a bit and having my coffee in bed with her while she snoozes 🙂

How else is headed into taper? Congrats runners… we are another week closer to marathon day! And to you elite awesome runners prepping for Boston tomorrow, GOOD LUCK!!!!!!



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