Sleep, Run, Work, Work, Sleep… Work

Man, taper time came at JUST the right time. All of the “free” time I thought I’d have now that my mileage has started to decline leading up to the Pittsburgh Marathon, disappeared when I realized all the public programs and work I had to get through these past two-ish weeks. It’s Sunday morning (well afternoon). I actually managed to sleep in today until 10am, took Marfa for a walk and coffee and mad myself some eggs and settled in to some marathon TV-ing. Well deserved considering I’ve been working ’round the clock.

DAG-scot meets n' greets around Lewisburg!

DAG-scot meets n’ greets around Lewisburg!

This week the Galleries welcomed the Nationwide Museum Mascot Project. I met the co-founders, Brian Dick and Christen Sperry-Garcia, when living in SF working on another juried exhibition. We stayed in touch after the project, because well they are SUPER nice and talented, and so I wanted to bring them out to Bucknell to enact their collaborative project for the Lewisburg Market Street Festival. It was a lot of work but SO AWESOME. I think we really made progress in getting our second gallery’s name “out there” and creating some buzz around the festival. These guys were such a blast to work with and between work, dinners, etc. I felt like I had a life again this week. I felt like I was back in SF or Houston totally emerged in the art scene and was excited to work and talk about real things. It was good for my soul in a way, you know? During a time when running takes up less of my day, I needed that other source of inspiration to get me through. Thankfully, this next week will be a walk in the park and I have the marathon to look forward to (and seeing my best friends) on Friday. Meghan put it best “the marathon is your reward.” And it will be.

"Don't be a drag, do to the DAG!" (downtown art gallery)

“Don’t be a drag, go to the DAG!” (downtown art gallery)

The festival was a huge success. The mascots did great, engaging work with the community. I brought Marfa along to enjoy the sunshine, food trucks, and people watching. She was so sleepy once we got home. I got my 6 miler in while she napped after we got home then it was on to dinner and ice cream with the artists.

Want to know more about the Nationwide Museum Mascot Project? Click to read up on this awesome duo. Also, check out info on what they did to help promote the Downtown Art Gallery, here! And, don’t forget to “like” them on Facebook!


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