steel city greyhounds

I ran the Pittsburgh Ma294842_455326607894001_1390433529_nrathon in honor of my rescue greyhound, Marfa. I adopted her back in October and since then, she and I have become inseperable! So, when registered for the race, it was just dumb luck that I thought to look at what charities were offered. Steel City Greyhounds is one heck of a caring bunch! Thanks to these guys I received a package of AWESOME running swag and a whole lo of cheering support from the greys around  mile 18.


Marfa and her new swag 🙂

I was able to exceed my fundraising goal thanks to so many generous friends and family! Thanks for supporting me for my 26.2 but even more so for the retired greyhounds! I’m so lucky to have a retired racer in my life… your donation will give that to someone else’s life!

Here are some snaps 390693_455326644560664_1546150562_n 935526_455326297894032_220004793_nhots from this amazing charity organization. All you “greyt” dog lovers out there will appreciate this!


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