the pittsburgh marathon

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I had the absolute BEST weekend. Better than anything I’ve done in the past year or so. Last weekend was the 2013 Pittsburgh Marathon. The thing that I love about running, is that all my best friends love it, too. … Continue reading

cookie coma & charity

I’m laying in my bed, Marfa spooning my side, and boy am I in a cookie coma!! This afternoon’s Cookie Exchange was a great success! Today was one of those really amazing Sundays- I had plans in the afternoon but … Continue reading

spring 2013 race preview

OK! Concussion is gone, well at least I hope it is! Headaches are still coming and going but Advil is doin’ the trick. Elbow is back on track, stitches have just about dissolved, and the conference is behind me. My … Continue reading

critical information conference, 2012

This weekend I drove to New York for the Critical Information Conference, 2012 presented by the NY School of Visual Arts. I presented my masters thesis, “Labors of Language: Crafting the Revival of Medium in Contemporary Art.” The keynote speaker at … Continue reading

Lewisburg -> Aruba

I’ve been a busy traveling bee these past two weeks. I just got back from a relaxing vacation in Aruba with my family. I’ve never been to an island or anywhere tropical before, so I was so anxious to see what it would be like! Roaming charges were too expensive for me to turn on my phone, so I left it off and in my suitcase the entire time… never realizing that I could use the camera 😛 So, sadly there’s no pictures from my trip but the memories will last a lifetime!

It felt great to be around a big group again and have entertainment from a variety of people. Every memeber of my family brings something different. Dad: the one I relate to the most on the “deep stuff.” We listen oto music and talk about the future, things that matter to me and how I need o remind myself of how far I’ve come. Out of all the family cheerleaders I have, we relate on a deep level. He’s my best friend. Mom: she has that way of always thinking 5 steps ahead of me, knowing that after a long run I’m going to get hungry, so she’ll hide an apple in her bag. She has the best heart and does the tiniest things that matter the most. We were waiting outside of the elevator at our timeshare and she said “I love you, just because you’re you” and gave me a hug and a kiss. I’ll never forget that. Lewis: Oye, he’s the partier, the comedian, the one I try hardest to impress. He’s always joking and having a beer but nothing feels better than when he steps out of that role and gives me a high five and says “Pam, great job” after running 20 miles on a Saturday morning. Kim: our relationship has been a journey… a bumpy one. But this trip was the first time that she and I got along all the way through. She’s at a happy point in her life, and I feel really blessed to finally see that in her. Oh, and she’s also a white wine & Kit Kat feign 🙂

The two best parts of the trip were scuba-ing and logging my first 20 mile run. I had to get up at 4:30am because we had the scuba/boat outing that morning at 8:30. I was exhausted, but swimming with the most colorful fish I’ve ever seen made it so worth it.