spring has sprung in Lewisburg

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One of the best parts of marathon training is how crazy my appetite gets (good because of all the yummy foods I cook and snacks to pack, slightly bad on my wallet ha-ha). I love my Saturday post-run burgers, one … Continue reading

protein bars

oh, and did I mention these are homemade? These delicious babies were made on my Thursday night “I have an hour before the new Office episode goes on… hmm what should I do with my life?” Well, I had a … Continue reading

smells from the kitchen

The holidays are here! This weekend I was unable to attend Meghan’s infamous Christmas party in Philly, which made me sad, BUT the silver lining in having a chill (literally) weekend in Lewisburg is that Tracy was throwing a cookie … Continue reading

pop tarts get a makeover

Last week I posted on some food blogs I frequently check out. 100 Days of Real Food is responsible for this Saturday night’s kitchen break-though… POP TARTS. I know what your thinking, “how is that healthy?” but they can be! By … Continue reading