18 hours of sleep + granola bars for marathon week!

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I accomplished all of 4 things yesterday: I slept, snuggled Marfa, texted Casey about her drunken LA adventures, and tried on my new running shorts. I slept for about 18 hours of the day and dare I say it… blew … Continue reading

who wants to eat a whole pizza?

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I do when it’s cauliflower crusted pizza! And guess what, you really can if you want, guilt and wheat belly free! Do you guys remember my first post about this recipe back when I launched Pace of Mind? Well, it’s … Continue reading

a runner’s pantry

I’ve been asked a couple of times by friends and runners what kind of things I eat during the week and before/after long runs to stay fueled. I still ask this question to runners I admire and read about this stuff constantly. … Continue reading

protein bars

oh, and did I mention these are homemade? These delicious babies were made on my Thursday night “I have an hour before the new Office episode goes on… hmm what should I do with my life?” Well, I had a … Continue reading

Art in our Food, Our Food as Art

It’s almost here- marathon day! My hands are getting clammy just thinking about it. I can’t focus at work… Matt is home with the dog, texts are flying in from Meghan and Laura about finally reuniting tonight in Philly, and … Continue reading

pop tarts get a makeover

Last week I posted on some food blogs I frequently check out. 100 Days of Real Food is responsible for this Saturday night’s kitchen break-though… POP TARTS. I know what your thinking, “how is that healthy?” but they can be! By … Continue reading