steel city greyhounds

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I ran the Pittsburgh Marathon in honor of my rescue greyhound, Marfa. I adopted her back in October and since then, she and I have become inseperable! So, when registered for the race, it was just dumb luck that I … Continue reading

the taper!

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Ah, it’s the end of  “eat, sleep, run” also known as the three hardest weeks of marathon training. Seriously, if you toss work in there, the past 28 days have been waking up, running, eating, working, more eating, sometimes more … Continue reading

when running hands you lemons…

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squeeze them to your hydration belt bottles and keep on running!! Today was my longest run of training and I headed out on a BEAUTIFUL day in Lewisburg. Finally, capri tights, hat, and T-Shirt weather… I was in heaven. My … Continue reading

13 in 2013

Hope you enjoyed that snapshot of Marfa and her Hefeweizen for NYE 🙂 I decided the best thing to do in light of the holidays and losing my grandma, would be to drive back to Lewisburg and settle in New … Continue reading

cookie coma & charity

I’m laying in my bed, Marfa spooning my side, and boy am I in a cookie coma!! This afternoon’s Cookie Exchange was a great success! Today was one of those really amazing Sundays- I had plans in the afternoon but … Continue reading