Sleep, Run, Work, Work, Sleep… Work

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Man, taper time came at JUST the right time. All of the “free” time I thought I’d have now that my mileage has started to decline leading up to the Pittsburgh Marathon, disappeared when I realized all the public programs … Continue reading

the taper!

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Ah, it’s the end of  “eat, sleep, run” also known as the three hardest weeks of marathon training. Seriously, if you toss work in there, the past 28 days have been waking up, running, eating, working, more eating, sometimes more … Continue reading

when running hands you lemons…

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squeeze them to your hydration belt bottles and keep on running!! Today was my longest run of training and I headed out on a BEAUTIFUL day in Lewisburg. Finally, capri tights, hat, and T-Shirt weather… I was in heaven. My … Continue reading


Well, since the power is out during the Super Bowl, I thought I’d blog while I await the game to start up again. This was a high and low weekend- started out awesome Saturday morning… did my normal Saturday morning … Continue reading

Art in our Food, Our Food as Art

It’s almost here- marathon day! My hands are getting clammy just thinking about it. I can’t focus at work… Matt is home with the dog, texts are flying in from Meghan and Laura about finally reuniting tonight in Philly, and … Continue reading