if i could do anything…

It’s Tuesday evening of marathon week and I officially still exhausted. My sleep is all messed up… I’m up and feeling good at 5:30am by Noon at work I want to crash, come home and nap, run until 9pm, watch Hulu in bed with Marfa and then wake up and back to it. Hopefully I can get back into routine. All in all I’m still calm, it hasn’t hit me yet that I’m running a marathon on Sunday. More on that tomorrow…

Today I got to thinking what is on my bucket list before I die; things I really want to accomplish. I’ve always said an Ironman before I turn 40, recently I read about running a marathon in Antarctica (I wouldn’t be able to get in until 2017), but recently I thought about running across a state for charity. Some runners who are fortunate enough to make a living out of blogging/running have done across the country trips, but with a full time job I wouldn’t be able to swing that. I was thinking about my cousin Molly who has been battling cancer… my mom who is a breast cancer survivor, Matt’s triplet nieces who were born months early and have fought for their lives and I think… if I could run to help these people, I would.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to actually take a “vacation”, choose a state and run across it for a charity? Wouldn’t be be awesome to connect with these people that I love in another way other than through words and prayer? I have no earthly idea how I’d make this happen… but I can’t stop dreaming about it.

What do you runners think? Do you know anyone/have any advice on how this would be possible?


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